At Dinner


When asking to pass the pepper or salt, Dad will move as though to pass it, then continue his arm in a circle, returning the aforementioned condiment to its original resting place. So the salt has gone past you.

When Dad drops a pea off of his plate ‘oh dear I’ve pee’d on the table!’

Me: I feel like a sandwich

Dad: Funny, you don’t look like one….

When eating mushrooms Dad will always make a remark about how he’d like to eat more but he doesn’t have mush room.

“Do you want some food to go with your gravy?”

After a large meal Dad says, “Well that was nice, what’s for dinner?”

Me: Please may I leave the table?

Dad: And where are you going to leave it?

After a meal Dad says, ‘good thing we ate when we did, because I’m not a bit hungry now!’